Unveiling Culinary Excellence: Exceptional Asparagus Recipes for Every Palate (2023)

Pastagerichte mit Spargel – the Pinnacle of Asparagus Pasta Recipes

Indulge in the epitome of culinary delight with our handpicked selection of asparagus-infused pasta recipes. Elevate the classic Carbonara by adding the exquisite flavors of asparagus and wild garlic with our SPARGEL BÄRLAUCH CARBONARA. Extend the joy of the asparagus season with our recommended BÄRLAUCHÖL, ensuring a delightful twist to your culinary experience.

For a quick, flavorful springtime treat, explore the wonders of MISO SPAGHETTI WITH COLORFUL ASPARAGUS. This umami-packed dish, featuring miso-infused spaghetti and vibrant asparagus, guarantees a gastronomic journey in just 15 minutes. If you're looking for a speedy yet delectable option, our SPARGEL LASAGNE WITH CREAM CHEESE SAUCE is a game-changer. Bid farewell to traditional béchamel as we introduce a cottage cheese and cream concoction, turning your asparagus lasagna into a quick, 60-minute masterpiece.

Experience the taste of spring in Italy with our PASTA PRIMAVERA WITH ASPARAGUS, CAPERS, AND OLIVES. Immerse yourself in the vibrant greenery of spring with this light and refreshing pasta dish.

Spargel and Sauces Extravaganza – Elevating Asparagus to New Heights

Savor the perfection of oven-baked ASPARAGUS AND LEEK WITH SAUCE GRIBICHE. Who needs Hollandaise when you can delight your palate with the rich flavors of this French sauce, boasting chopped egg and mustard, and fewer calories than traditional asparagus sauces?

Embark on a culinary journey with WHITE, GREEN, AND PURPLE ASPARAGUS WITH BOZNER SAUCE. Whether you prefer steamed, sous vide, sautéed, or lightly grilled asparagus, this South Tyrolean sauce elevates the experience, making it a symphony of flavors.

Asparagus in Salads – A Symphony of Freshness

Dive into the symphony of spring with our FRÜHLINGS-NUDELSALAT, blending pasta, fresh asparagus, vibrant vinegar-infused onions, and roasted radishes. This quick and easy noodle salad stands out with its unique flavor profile.

Create a refreshing sensation with our ASPARAGUS SALAD WITH CREAM CHEESE BALLS AND CHIVES, a perfect accompaniment to grilled dishes or a delightful appetizer for garden parties. The delicate, thinly sliced asparagus strips, marinated briefly for a fantastic crunch, offer a unique twist to your summer table.

Enjoy a crunchy and fresh ASPARAGUS BOWL, a combination of raw and sautéed seasonal ingredients, complemented by a vibrant avocado dressing. This bowl caters to various preferences, offering vegetarian, noodle-based, or chicken skewer options.

Asparagus in Starters and Snacks – A Symphony of Flavors

Commence the asparagus season with a culinary masterpiece – ASPARAGUS CRÈME BRÛLÉE WITH PAN-SEARED ASPARAGUS ON SALAD. This exquisite asparagus starter, paired with brown butter-seared asparagus, promises an eternal place at festive occasions.

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled flavors of our FLAMMKUCHEN A LA STEIRER WITH BACON, ASPARAGUS, AND PUMPKIN SEEDS. This recipe yields the best flammkuchen, enriched with crisp asparagus, delightful bacon, and a finishing touch of Styrian pumpkin seed oil.

Embrace the essence of spring and early summer with our TARTE WITH GREEN ASPARAGUS, PEAS, AND BROAD BEANS. This dish encapsulates the spirit of the season, offering a burst of flavors in every bite.

Explore More Asparagus Delights

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Let's make this asparagus season a gastronomic triumph!


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