Unleashing the Power of Moulinex i-Companion: A Comprehensive Review (2023)


In the ever-evolving realm of kitchen appliances, the Moulinex i-Companion emerges as a stellar contender, representing the epitome of culinary convenience. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the intricacies of this Bluetooth-enabled culinary marvel, dissecting its features, performance, and overall value proposition.

Overview of Moulinex i-Companion

The Moulinex i-Companion stands as the Bluetooth-enabled sibling of the renowned Cuisine Companion, offering a connected culinary experience without breaking the bank. Priced competitively at 900€, it strikes a balance between cutting-edge functionality and financial accessibility.

Presentation and Design

Retaining the familiar ergonomics of the Cuisine Companion, the i-Companion distinguishes itself by incorporating Bluetooth connectivity seamlessly into its design. The control panel, though reminiscent of its predecessor, boasts a reduction of two programs for a streamlined user experience. Whether operated conventionally from the control panel or via a smartphone, the i-Companion exudes versatility.

Convenience of Use

Multifunctional kitchen robots often carry a substantial footprint, and the i-Companion is no exception. However, its size remains manageable, mirroring the Cuisine Companion but with a slight reduction in control panel clutter. The 2.5l capacity proves ample for most culinary endeavors, catering to the needs of a family of four.

Moulinex has thoughtfully integrated programs into the i-Companion, simplifying both guided and manual use. The backlit digital screen, with white numbers transforming into blue when connected via Bluetooth, enhances visibility. The reduction of two programs, dessert and sauce, may raise eyebrows, but the four remaining programs – pastry, soups, simmer, and steam – along with their sub-programs, offer a versatile cooking experience.

Accessories and Expandability

Moulinex ensures that the i-Companion is well-equipped for daily culinary challenges. The inclusion of a chopping knife, a combined knife/kneader, a mixer, and a plastic steam basket provides a comprehensive toolkit. However, the absence of a paper recipe book might disappoint those averse to reaching for their smartphones.

While Moulinex offers additional accessories like a complete vegetable slicer and a large steam basket, the absence of an integrated weighing system remains noteworthy. Users will need a separate scale for precise measurements.

Application and Connectivity

Pairing the i-Companion with a smartphone via Bluetooth proves seamless, unlocking a plethora of recipes and functionalities. The accompanying application mirrors the user-friendly interface of its non-connected counterpart, simplifying the cooking process. However, some improvements in categorizing recipes and accommodating dietary preferences would enhance the overall experience.

The connectivity feature eliminates the need to manually input settings on the robot, streamlining the cooking process. The app guides users step-by-step, but it's essential to note that manual interaction on the robot is still required, a nuance worth remembering to avoid skipping crucial steps.

Maintenance and Cleaning

The i-Companion inherits both strengths and weaknesses in terms of maintenance from its predecessor. While the bowl is easily cleaned and accessories can be removed effortlessly, the hollow structure of the blades poses challenges, requiring thorough cleaning with the provided brush. The two-part lid, while effective, can accumulate food particles between its components, demanding careful handling.

Performance Evaluation

Mixing Efficiency

The i-Companion excels in chopping onions, delivering clean and precise cuts. However, the uniformity of the pieces may vary slightly.

In our soup preparation test, the i-Companion produced a velvety texture, though slightly thicker than expected. Adjusting water quantities based on recipes is advisable for optimal results.

When confronted with the challenge of crushing ice, the i-Companion, lacking a dedicated ice-crushing program, performed admirably when set to maximum power, achieving a commendable 92% crushing efficiency.

Cooking Capability

The i-Companion exhibits a deliberate pace in heating, particularly during initial temperature increments. Despite some initial lag, it compensates by maintaining temperature stability, showcasing impressive precision in temperature control across various settings.

During rissolage tests, the i-Companion demonstrated satisfactory but slightly uneven temperature distribution within the bowl. While not a significant drawback, users may need to be mindful of potential variations in browning.

The steaming function, however, impresses with its consistent temperature, ensuring reliable results.

Noise Levels and Power Consumption

In the realm of noise pollution, the i-Companion emerges as one of the quieter contenders, registering at a mere 68dB at 250W. Even at maximum power, it maintains a respectable 74dB. However, users should be cautious of potential vibrations at maximum capacity.

Power consumption for preparing a velouté soup slightly exceeds some competitors, utilizing 0.38kWh. In a 30-minute simmering scenario, its consumption aligns with industry standards.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Moulinex i-Companion successfully inherits the strengths of its predecessor while introducing valuable connectivity features. Although not without minor nuances, such as the absence of a vegetable cutting option and some application refinements, it stands as a commendable addition to the realm of multifunctional kitchen robots.

For consumers seeking a versatile and user-friendly culinary companion, the Moulinex i-Companion presents a compelling choice. Its competitive pricing, thoughtful design, and enhanced connectivity contribute to a seamless cooking experience, making it a noteworthy contender in the world of kitchen innovation.


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